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Lasco 3-in-1 Cheese Sauce
Recipe number: 1074349

» Packed 8 32oz. packages per case
» Yield 144oz. per package - 9 gallons per case
» Combine contents of package with 1 gallon of tap water
» Mix with a wire whip for 2 minutes
» Product is instant and requires no cooking
» Can be prepared with hot or cold water
» Holds on steam table all day - will not break down
» Prepared product can be held in refrigeration for 10 days
» 3-in-1 is a very mild, creamy cheddar cheese flavor
» Great over nacho chips, vegetables, baked potato, burger, fries, or mac & cheese
» Makes a great cheese soup
» Much more economical than canned sauce (about 1/2 the cost)
» Made with natural cheddar solids (first ingredient in statement)

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